My Grandma just turned 103 years old.

My grandma turned 103 years old the other day.
I haven't seen my family for almost 2 years now, but feel like I haven't seen them for more than decades. These days my grandma wakes up for a short time everyday. When my grandma wakes up, she makes sure that my mum is near her and my grandma seems happy. They have a routine life that is very simple and slow in the countryside of my hometown.

I sometimes wonder if it may be one of the happiest times of their lives where they don't have to worry about anything any more. They just live quietly, two of them together.

My mum has been looking after my grandma for quite a few years at home since she stopped walking by herself.
These days, my grandma can't do much.
I used to go home regularly and my grandma would get so excited to see me.
My grandma doesn't know about COVID. Since she can't hear nor see well anymore, and doesn't read newspapers or watch TV, no computer nor mobile phone, she lives in her own world. She just lives a simple life and waits for me to come home and see her. Sometimes she gets confused between me and my sister.

Who would have thought this kind of situation would arise where we are not able to cross countries and see families and loved one for such a long time?
I just know now that it is unlikely that I will see my grandma again. I feel so much pain when my grandma asks my mum about me. All my Mum can say is 'Masayo is coming back soon.'

I spoke to my mum last night and all I could say to her was that she is doing a great job looking after her mother and please take care.
I feel my home is so far away.

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