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Masayo at sewing machine

Masayo and Mutsumi working Tulle 


Brand Description.
As one of Australia's premier online clothing boutiques, our mission is to build a legacy. A legacy that transcends fashion. We strive to design women's clothing that remains stylish for years to come, enabling our customers to lead the next fashion movement, both stylistically and sustainably. enlacasona is based in Brisbane, Australia.

enlacasona continues to evolve, but now the circumstances have become opportunities, and we are excited about what the future holds, seeking out artists, sculptures, stylists, and creatives to collaborate with.



''I like to believe that the enlacasona customer is someone who

will add their own character and personality to our designs and vice versa.''

"enlacasona does not conform to stereotypical perceptions of beauty.

A perfect blend of tailored cuts and an unconventional elegance.

Beauty is within the person and design, combined.

We create the garment, and they the customers create the look.

I never fail to be surprised at the ways in which women create completely

different looks from a single one of our designs depending on how they wear it.

We are all individuals and confident ones nonetheless."

-Masayo Yasuki


Mission Statement.

Exceed our customer’s expectations with superior quality, unique style and impeccable craftsmanship.

We create Garments that evolve with life


Vision Statement.

Inspire, educate, and innovate with garments that are seamlessly intertwined with our lives.

Recognisable throughout the globe while we tread lightly upon the earth.


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